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Recent Digital Marketing Announcements Made By Google and YouTube



As social networking channels continue on their evolution streak, the digital marketing opportunities for companies are bound to increase. The new developments in the social media field are expected to allow digital marketing specialists to connect more deeply with their targeted audiences, at more frequent intervals. In November 2011, Google and YouTube made key announcements, which not only highlighted vital trends in the social media sphere but also expounded great opportunities for digital marketing specialists.

Video-sharing giant YouTube made a recent announcement that they will be entering into premium content, by launching a hundred niche content channels in partnership with leading digital marketing brands (such as beverage maker Red Bull), as well as media giants and popular celebrities. YouTube’s foray into premium content does not come as a surprise, as they have made it known that users upload more than 24 hours of content, every 60 seconds.

In fact, the number of viewers on YouTube is larger than that of network primetime television, with more than four billion views per day. In addition to this, YouTube has become sort of like a search engine, with users running billions of video-related searches everyday. As a matter of fact, YouTube has become sort of like the second largest ‘search engine’, with people running more search queries on it than on Yahoo. Leading digital marketing experts believe that with the launch of premium content, YouTube will increase its already significant audience, even further.

Google also lately announced the introduction of its new Google+ brand pages, which they have named ‘+Pages’. We had written about this new feature, which is similar to Facebook’s business pages, in one of our earlier articles. According to various digital marketing professionals, Google will most probably integrate the social graph of Google+ with its digital marketing offerings and other products. With Google+, Google is not developing yet another social networking website; instead, it is trying to create a social layer through which it can enhance the user experience provided by its other products.

The announcement of the launches of both the YouTube premium channels and +Pages, means that Google is creating a blueprint for expansion, which focuses on the strategic inter-relationship between digital marketing content and social connectivity. This means a lot for digital marketing professionals, who should keep themselves abreast of the latest technological developments, so that they can bring the most value to their clients.

I am a Writer, Blogger and I love Photography, as well as do a lot of Traveling, Counseling, Volunteering (have volunteered WHO health projects, AOL programs) & enjoy life to the fullest.

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What is an SEO Score?



It is highly likely that people know SEO but quite often you get to hear this SEO score thing in office, from friends who develop websites and in several other occasions. Also, how to improve their SEO scores, and you are like utterly bewildered what is all this stuff? No worries, here you will get the answer to all your questions.

Here is why and how SEO score are important…..

Have a look….

Let’s know SEO first:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A process which improves the visibility of your website in search engine result pages. SEO stands for improving your rankings only using “natural” and “organic” ways, not the paid ones. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing and a predominant factor when it comes to the visibility of your website on the Internet. The goal is to be seen by as much potential customers as you can.

Now that we have a better insight about what SEO is, let’s me throw light on SEO score and its importance for any company.

SEO Score:

“An SEO Score is a measure to evaluate all the technical and user-facing aspects of your website. Having a good SEO score mean organic traffic and higher rankings.”

So, we can say that an SEO score represents a final result of the process of measuring all of the aspects of a website. The aspects that are being measured here are the ones that contribute to the search engine ranking results of your business. The two basic categories that we can divide this process are measuring user-facing aspects and aspects that are technical.

Further, the final SEO score of your website is determined by the performance of 4 subcategories such as user experience, technical, mobile and content. Also, it is quite important to have good indexability, server response, user content quality, indexablemeta content, user-friendly visuals, responsiveness and user-friendly navigation to achieve higher SEO score.

The major question is “Are the search engines crawlers able to index your website properly?” and if not then what’s the solution?

To find out your website’s final SEO score, you need to check how your website is doing in all the above mentioned subcategories. These checks are performed by inspecting various properties of your website and giving you the specific scores for each individual check. It is essential to have a high ranking SEO Score. If your website is indexed high in the search engine it means that the score is good and if it doesn’t appear in the initial pages of the search it simply means that it has poor SEO Score.

SO, if you struggling to get good SEO score, then here is how you should improve your SEO score;

How to improve an SEO score:

If your website can’t be properly indexed, it won’t show on search engine result pages. Don’t overlook technical SEO, as it is the foundation of your website’s organic traffic – make sure you do it in the right way.

Domain Authority: Now comes a term Domain-Authority (DA),you might have heard about it several times (also known as thought leadership). It describes how relevant it is for a specific area that your business is in. While starting your business make sure that you are Choosing a good domain name. Your domain name should catchy and easy to remember. Also, whatever domain name you are using make sure that it doesn’t expire anytime soon. If you are experiencing problems with your current domain name, you can change it.

Your niche. In order to become a well-known brand in your particular niche, make sure that it’s legal. Do this by creating amazing content and engage actively with your followers to boost your reputation.

Indexability: Indexability of your website determines the chances that your website will be displayed in search engine result pages. In order to have the perfect score on indexability, your website needs to achieve full indexing. This will help search engine bots to crawl through every part of your website and collect the valuable information that will be later stored in the search engine’s database.

The URLs: The URLs that you’re using on your website can have a major impact on your SEO scores. Improving user experience. A great URL can be read with ease, by both humans and search engines. It provides your users with a clear indication of what the content of the destination page will be about. This gives your users enough knowledge about your article before they even click your link. User experience is extremely important for good SEO rankings.Make sure that:

  • Your URLs are simple
  • Your URLs are definitive
  • Are separated with hyphens
  • Only lowercase letters are used

Backlinks: Backlinks are also called “incoming links” or “inbound links”. The purpose of backlinks is to link one website to another. The links that are going to an external website are called backlinks. Backlinks are very important as they represent the confidence factor between your website and the website from where your users arrived, via your backlink. If there are many websites that link to the same web page, it will give plenty information to the search engines.This will boost your SEO scores.

The speed of your website: The speed of your websiteis considered as a major SEO ranking factor. Loading speed of your website has a crucial impact on you retention rates. Studies have shown that any of your web pages that needs more than five seconds to load will lose 25% of the initial visitors who came there. So, look into the matter as soon as you get to know that the speed is affecting your SEO scores. How to improve the speed of your website

  • Optimizing images. 
  • Using simpler website design. 
  • Enable caching.

Avoiding spam: Don’t forget to follow google’s guidelines to avoid spamming. Your content should be absolutely relevant.

Your Content: SEO scores of your website is very much determined by how relevant the content on your website is, for a particular set of keywords. Writing an amazing content can majorly impact your website. It not only affect your Google‘s ranking scores, but also affect how your visitors perceive your brand.Pointers to keep in mind for content SEO scores:

User Experience: User experience stands for the overall experience of a visitor using your website. It majorly focuses on how easy and pleasing is your website to the users. User experience SEO scores depends on:

·       User-friendly navigation

·       User-friendly visuals

Mobile metrics: As mobile marketing is growing rapidly, and with the raising competition you always have to adapt to different marketing strategies. Factors that influence my mobile SEO scores:

  • Responsiveness
  • Touchscreen readiness
  • Loading speed

Keep working on all the parameters of SEO score improvement and get the highest ranking!!

I am a Writer, Blogger and I love Photography, as well as do a lot of Traveling, Counseling, Volunteering (have volunteered WHO health projects, AOL programs) & enjoy life to the fullest.

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What is SEO in digital marketing?



SEO, is an intrinsic part of digital marketing!!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an important and integral part of any digital marketing strategy. It is meant to reach out more and more people and to increase awareness of your business.In this process a web page is created with targeted keywords in order to attract high traffic.As yours is not the only web page on Google, in fact there are thousands of such web pages, you need to usepowerful marketing strategiesand tools to make your web page a great help to your customers find out your business from among other competition. While designing your marketing strategies user experience should be given utmost importance on the first place as your customers are the ones who depend on the information provided by you on your page. In other words, digital marketing is nothing but the newest and the modern way to promote, advertise and brand your business!

Search engine optimization (SEO) necessitate achieving the highest ranking or appearing in first two pages as customers are tend, to not move any further first two pages. Your online business basically revolves around the SEO strategies and the correct positioning of keywords or key-phrases in the natural or organic listings as the main body of the search engine results pages (SERPS) entered by search engine users.

SEO in Digital Marketing

Let’s explain this further with the help of an example: Here are two situations, situation A and situation B. In situation A, You started a restaurant keeping in mind every detail but forgot to have any signage onto it – no name, no windows…nothing in particular. Whereas another situation is B, there is another restaurant just close by having a nice signage onto it with all the detailed description of the dishes served there. Which one would be more visited by place for the customers? Definitely, the latter one because there the customers  would ask for what you sell, your speciality and some of these customers would tell other potential targets about their eating experience and about your speciality and your services. Basically the buzz marketing would do a lot in situation B.


So, if we try to understand the above mentioned example in terms of digital marketing, the first one can be termed as a website which is not an optimized website, whereas the second can be termed as an optimized website.


Hence, with the above example it can be said that anSEO (Search engine optimization) is the overall process of making a web pagewhich is easy for the clients to find, to crawl, and to categorize as per the information it provides. It is about helping your customers find out your business from among thousand other companiesand getting the highest ranking when searched by users.


Today, SEO has become an integral part marketing strategy in the digital form. In a layman language SEO is a process to drive customers to your business via online platforms. And, the customers can only be driven to your business or webpage if it ranks higher in the SERP (search engine result page). Nearly every business has an online presence today and billions of online searchestake place every month as everybody is becoming a sort of tech savvy, just kidding…. But yes, online marketing has acquired almost all large or small sectors and customers find it comfortable to buy online when they have time constraint. For a moment, just imagine a small fractal of those billion searches happening to your business. To achieve that, you have to ensure that your websiteranks higher in the SERP, performing well in all the social media networking sites, and SEO would definitely affect the PPC (pay per click) activities taking place on your page.


Advertisement, branding, promotion and marketing is a predominant requirement of any business whether online or offline. We all know the offline methods of promoting our businesses but in the era or online businesses SEO, works best to accumulate a large amount of web traffic.


SEOplays an important role in terms of making a website rank in the first page of SERP. If at all you have noticed, people generally scan and review the first two pages of the SERP, they don’t bother to go beyond that. Today, nearly everybody uses search engines to find local business information as it is comparatively a hassle-free and less time consuming task. You get in seconds what all you need.Comparative analysis of nearly every product is easy on the basis of online reviewswhich almost every customer does before finally purchasing any products.


How is SEO beneficial?


As SEO is called an intrinsic part of digital marketing, it plays an important role and can be called a lifeline of any online business. Below are some benefits of having SEO in digital marketing.

  1. SEO increases the traffic for sure
  2. SEO increases the credibility of your business
  3. SEO provides free advertising unlike Adwords and PPC
  4. SEO provides you comparatively higher ROI
  5. SEO helps you to stand out in the online business market
  6. SEO makes it easy for customers
  7. SEO increases your visibility and brand awareness
  8. SEO increases your chances of ranking high in the SERP
  9. SEO is affordable for any business setup, as it doesn’t cost anything
  10. SEO makes reviews and recommendations easy from customers


How does SEO work?

Search engines are the software that are text driven, hence one has to crawl through the web page content to get the appropriate and required information from the page. There are a number of activities done to get the search results – crawling, scanning and storing (or index). The most importantcomponents which helps to increase an SEO scores are as follows:


  • Website names and URLs
  • Page content
  • Meta tags
  • Characteristics of Link
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Page design


Let’s understand how it works:


  • Crawling:A crawler is a software also known as Spider (in case of Google it is Googlebot), the main purpose of crawler is to collect data from the internet that crawls through the webpage content. The crawler captures and indexes the websites..


  • Indexing:is a process of adding web pages to the Google search. Essentially to correctly optimize the web pages, indexing is required  otherwise search engine won’t be able to understand the page content. Like it was explained above with the example of restaurant.


  • Search work:as it is clear with the name, search work is when any search request appears, the search engine starts its work, i.e., in any content placed in the webpage there are key words or key-phraseswhich basically makes users task easy to get the desired information when searched, also, it makes the search engines’ works also easier to bring the best results on top with the pages indexed and stored in its record. Mostly web pages have the same search phrases. So, the search engine measures the relevancy of all the pages as per the search request and matches with what it indexed as per the keywords inserted in the SERP.


  • Algorithms:A search algorithm is a process by which content is optimized for a search with a particular keyword, sorts through a list of recorded keywords and the URLs that have relevancy with those keywords. There are Three search algorithms:




Off page is meant to promote website through internet by various mediums/techniques. Like:

Social Media Marketing:Social media is the most dominating platform today, with which one can communicate the message directly with the people and get them engaged in the activities performed. Activities such as blogging, instagram, pinterest, twitter, linkedIn, Facebook, Website etc. comes under it.

Presence in Forum and Other Blogs:To build a brand you can always get shelter under various forums and other blogs relevant to your business to promote it there too, as it will also help to generate high traffic.

Articles and Document Sharing:Submission of unique and high quality niche articlesalso helps in building reputation of any business online. And, it helps you to get high traffic on your webpage.Creating enchanting and unique documents like articles, product descriptions, etc., of your businessand uploading them on your page will also fetch you high traffic.

Question/ Answer:Another option to build reputation and to haveahigh traffic on your page is Q&A. But one has to ensure that theQuestion and Answers are related to the business.

Imagesand Video Submission:Uploading videos and images relevant to your business is also a great technique these days, you can upload most enchanting videos and images on popular sites with correct URL,titles, tags, descriptions, links to engage your customer and get high traffic on your page.


On page is basically done within the website, anything which you do on your website, to promote your page is basically known as on page algorithm. These are:

  • SEO friendly Key-phrases
  • Short description of your post with targeted keywords
  • Use of targeted Keywords
  • Niche and unique web Content
  • Responsive and user friendly designs
  • Internal link submission
  • Outbound Link Submission


And so on…..


If you want to rank high and stay on the top,sound SEO expertiseand an art of adapting the change in online business is all you need to learn.


Hence, from the all the above mentioned details it is apparent that SEO plays an important role in digital marketing. In order to get the highest ranking on web search,best and relevantkeywords or key – phrases are required to be used to appear first when searched, and for that SEOis what is needed for the bestDigital Marketing Strategies!!

Keep Advertising and promoting online! JJ

To improve your digital existence,Keep SEOing!

I am a Writer, Blogger and I love Photography, as well as do a lot of Traveling, Counseling, Volunteering (have volunteered WHO health projects, AOL programs) & enjoy life to the fullest.

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